Low Self-Esteem? Here’s Your Guide to Confidence and Charisma

Low Self-esteem? Here’s Your Guide to Confidence and Charisma

Do you lack self-esteem, but want to stop being afraid to shine? The good news is, the real you, unhampered by timidity, has natural confidence and charisma.

How will confidence change me?

Confident people speak their minds, even when their ideas buck trends. When you have confidence, you’ll step out from the shadows. You’ll show the world your talents and let others get to know you well. As a result, you’ll gain respect and attract people. You might have hung back before, but now, your wisdom and thoughts will pour forth.

Added confidence will help you shake off anxiety about being good enough. When insecurity arises, you’ll zap it with positive self-talk instead of feeling down. You’ll take on challenges and branch out, extending your reach.

What will charisma do for me?

Charismatic people captivate others’ attention with their winning smiles and confident banter. They can be the life and soul at parties, or they may quietly draw admiration due to their subtle astuteness and charm.

Confidence automatically brings charisma when teamed with a healthy positive attitude. When you are self-assured, your personality will sparkle, drawing like-minded people to you. You’ll be socially successful, and better equipped for success professionally.

What’s the first step to a confident new me?

How others treated you in the past might have dented your self-esteem. The only person who holds you back now, however, is you. The first step out of insecurity is to recognize you are in control of your emotions. You can decide to put the past behind you and forgive yourself and others.

When you let go of anxiety about your history, you set yourself free. You become empowered because you claim your right to shine.

What about negative self-talk?

The critical voice in your head isn’t helping you. Change how you think. Realize your thoughts stem from your roaming mind. It sifts through old experiences and doubts. It also expresses your emotional state in the moment and the data you’ve gathered. As such, you can choose to ignore its disparaging remarks.

When unwanted thoughts stream, observe them from afar. They are old data, and you can fill your mind with more positive information. If a room in your home contained furniture you didn’t like, you wouldn’t go there. In fact, you may get rid of items you didn’t like. The same is true for your mind; only the process is different.

Never speak badly about yourself.  People will accept your expert opinion on yourself, so always speak about yourself in a positive light.

How do I fill up on positivity?

Override unwanted thoughts with positivity, and negativity will fade. You don’t need to fight critical self-talk to make it leave. Just fill your mind with positivity, and keep topping up. Repetition is the key to forming long-lasting thought patterns.

Let one of the positive topics you focus on be about self-acceptance. When you accept yourself, you won’t care about what others think of you. Also, concentrate on increasing your sense of value. Once you understand you are worthy and have a great deal to give, you will be more confident.

How do I increase self-acceptance?

Override former negative talk by telling yourself you are good enough. If critical thoughts arise, stop them in their tracks with a positive statement. “I am always good enough” and “I always do my best” will work. You can also tap into your wise or higher self.

Imagine the smartest part of you is giving you advice and encouragement. Know your sage-like self is loving, isn’t bogged down by insecurity, and will speak to you as a friend, offering excellent guidance.

How do I recognize that I am valuable?

People try to figure out their value by comparing themselves to others. No one can assess themselves properly this way, though. Consequently, they might think they fall short of qualities. Additionally, they have unique merits, which can’t be evaluated by comparison.

Uncover your strengths. Write about your achievements. Some may be academic, but many will be about reaching goals and helping others. Have you helped anyone increase their well-being? If so, you’ve been of great value to them. Have you accomplished something you wanted to achieve? Yes? Then you have determination. Go through your achievements and list the qualities they reveal.

How do I let my charisma flow?

As your confidence grows, so will your charisma. You can, however, give it a helping hand by acting as though it’s already in full flood. Consider the body language of charismatic people. They keep their heads high and walk with a spring in their step. They are alert and notice what’s going on around them. As they have good self-esteem, they aren’t self-conscious. They are free to observe the needs of others. Act as if you are charismatic and you will assume the qualities you desire.

You don’t have to have low self-esteem. Reject your former script about not having confidence. Discard whatever you feel played a part in the idea that life is an unfriendly or fearful place. Forgive whatever needs to be forgiven, and start afresh. Banishing negative self-talk and filling up with positivity will boost your self-assurance. Also, recognize your value and let your charisma flow. Act as if you have the traits you seek and they will become part of you.

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