Rewire your Brain with Positivity

You probably know positivity fuels happiness. You feel terrific while you’re in an upbeat state of mind. Later, though, joy fades, and to some degree this is normal. Life is full of ups and downs. Without them, there would be no contrast. However, if you can practice creating a positive mindset on and off throughout the day, the neural connections in your brain will change. They will accommodate even more occasions in which you’re blissful.

Your brain and positivity

Humans have a negativity bias; they look for problems. The brain’s preference for seeking concerns helped them stay alive in the days when they needed to be aware of hungry dinosaurs. Now, though, you don’t need or want worries running through your mind all the time. Luckily, you can change the way you think and develop a bias toward positivity.

Practice creates habits

The more you engage in an action, whether it’s memorizing another language or saying an affirmation, the easier it is to form a habit of doing so. At first, studying and recalling fresh data takes plenty of effort.

When you’ve practiced on a regular basis, the tasks you found difficult before seem easier. Indeed, they are easier. They take less brain power as you begin to master them. Practice, and you will become more accomplished at creating joy. Your mind will find the activity less taxing as it gets used to your behavior.

How to practice positivity

Gratitude amplification is one of the most effective methods of increasing an upbeat mindset. When you are appreciative of aspects of your life and environment, your system generates feel-good chemicals. You’re naturally thankful now and then, but to increase positivity, you need to ramp up the feeling of gratitude.

Keeping a gratitude journal will enhance your experience of appreciation. Write about three things you see as blessings each day, and your brain will start to lean toward being positive.

Make time to play and be creative. Ditch negative TV shows in the evenings and do something fun. Explore, paint, dance, sing, or whatever makes you happy. Even if you only follow this suggestion one day a week, your mindset will grow in the right direction.

Acts of kindness will intensify positivity too. When you are generous or thoughtful, your happy hormone production escalates. As benevolence makes you feel brilliant and helps others, it makes sense to engage in at least one act of kindness a day.

Ideas include sending a friend or colleague an appreciative email, complimenting someone, and praising people’s efforts to improve. Likewise, you can also be generous with your time and resources.

You can benefit from being kind to yourself as well. Practice self-compassion. Forgive your mistakes quickly, dwell on your success and abundance, and take care of your physical and emotional comfort. When you recognize a good mood slipping, do something caring. Light incense and candles, listen to soothing music and give yourself a hand and foot massage to improve your disposition.

At present, your mind may be wired for negativity. However, you can alter your brain by changing the way you think and behave. Practice creating positivity in your life, and the lives of others, and you will reset your mind to encounter greater happiness.

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