How to Turn a Friendship into a Relationship

How to Turn a Friendship into a Relationship

Are you romantically interested in a friend and don’t know how to take things to the next level? Maybe, you’re afraid of being rejected and putting your relationship on the line. Then again, you might know you’ll remain friends, no matter what, but imagine you will be the butt of jokes relating to how you fancy your mate forever if you’re turned down. Making a love-match from a friendship isn’t always easy. However, the following tips will help you navigate your way through this challenging process.

Break free from the norm

At present, you and your pal are used to following specific behaviors together. You go to the same old places and do similar things. A pattern’s developed that you both associate with your friendship.

It’s time to break free from the ways you usually behave and take a fresh approach. If you typically meet for a coffee and bite to eat during lunch breaks, share a picnic in the local park instead. Similarly, if you generally meet at your pal’s place for popcorn and a movie on a Friday night, suggest going to the theater or cinema for a change.

Varying what you do together will help cast a new light on how your relationship is seen. You want to add a little intrigue and be considered as a potential date. Going to new places will stimulate interest in you as a person too. You won’t be predictable Joe or Jane anymore.

Dress to impress

Change how you dress, but not in a massive way. For example, if you usually wear jeans and a scruffy tee shirt, smarten up a little. Wear your best jeans and top. Put on mascara and lip-gloss, and make an effort to style your hair if you’re a woman and don’t often do so when you go out together. Subtle changes will signal a difference in your relationship that registers on an unconscious level. Consequently, your pal might wonder if you’re date material.

Try flirting

Again, be subtle. Don’t rush in with full force and risk making a blunder. Simply bring an inkling of flattery into the conversation. “You’re looking extra good today” strikes a friendly but flirty tone that could come from a pal or potential lover.

Likewise, act slightly differently. Be more attentive. If you’re a guy, pull out your mate’s chair for her before she sits down, or offer a caring gesture like checking her seatbelt’s secure before you go for a drive. If you’re female, be extra thoughtful too. Maybe save your pal a seat on the train or make sure his favorite CD’s ready to play in your car when he’s there.

Turning a friendship into a romance can be tricky because your relationship is already set to pal mode. Nonetheless, you’ll shake things up and be seen in a new light if you follow the suggested tips. If all goes well, a blossoming romance is on the cards. If not, you won’t have made a fool of yourself, and your friendship will be intact.

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