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9 Social Hacks for Increased Happiness

There is a large amount of research showing that social relations are beneficial for happiness. However, knowing this, what is someone supposed to do? This article describes 9 methods they can employ to get more happiness from social connections.


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5 Tips to Have Better Mornings

This article provides readers with five simple, effective tips for making their mornings happier and more productive. Embrace the day ahead with positivity!

Worry Leads To Brain Freeze


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Helping Your Child Manage Anger

7 Terrific Tips to Help Your Child Manage Anger

Learning to handle anger is an important life skill. Parents can teach anger management by modeling appropriate behavior, talking openly about emotion and offering skills. Here are 7 keys to helping a child manage anger.

How to Help Your Child Become a Successful Adult


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Dating after Divorce

Dating After Divorce: Tips to Get You Back on the Scene

Getting back on the dating scene is nerve-wracking for many divorcees. This article provides helpful tips to set people on the right track when they are anxious and need advice and encouragement. How to be gentle with yourself and seek the qualities you need in a future relationship is discussed. Plus, a couple of things to avoid doing are mentioned.

6 Keys to a Successful Online Relationship


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5 Ways to Clear Your Head with Meditation

Meditation is usually associated with Eastern religions, but it has other benefits besides religious purposes. Forms of meditation include mantras, prayers, problem solving, and mental exercises. Anyone can reap the benefits of meditation.

Does Sleeping Less Reduce Depression?

Will Late Night Snacks Really Make You Fat?